Espresso vs Coffee.  What’s the Difference?

Espresso and coffee are two popular types of coffee drinks with several key differences. The major difference is how an espresso is made vs. coffee. Espressos are made by forcing hot water through finely ground coffee beans with a high pressure. This results in a concentrated shot of coffee with a thick, creamy texture and a rich, intense flavor.

Coffee is made by brewing ground coffee beans in hot water. This process is typically less intense and produces a larger, less concentrated cup of coffee with a more diluted flavor.

Another key difference between espresso and coffee is the amount of caffeine they contain. Because espresso is made using a higher amount of pressure, it has a higher concentration of caffeine per serving. A single shot of espresso can contain as much as 80-100mg of caffeine, while a cup of coffee typically contains around 60-120mg of caffeine.

Additionally, the way that espresso and coffee are served is different. Espresso is typically served in small, 2-3 oz shots, while coffee is typically served in a larger, 8-12 oz cup. Espresso is also often served with milk or cream, while coffee is typically served black or with milk and sugar.

The main difference between espresso and coffee is the way they are made and the amount of caffeine they contain. Espresso is a concentrated, richly flavored coffee drink, while coffee is a more diluted and milder-tasting drink. Both are delicious in their own way and offer unique flavors and experiences for coffee lovers.

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