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Snowy Weekend at Snowshoe: Discovering the Perfect Ski Conditions | Ski Vlog 2023

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Kim and I made it up to Snowshoe for the 2nd time this season.  And if you watched the introduction, you already know that.  But back to the weekend.  I didn’t get any video of the drive up but was excited to see snow on the ground about 30 miles out from Snowshoe.  I haven’t seen snow on the ground that far out in the last two seasons.

We worked on Friday and in the afternoon, drove down to Silvercreek to pick up Kim’s new skis at Snowcreek Mountain Sports.   After picking up her skis, we took a few runs at Silvercreek to get our legs back under us.  I didn’t get any video of us on the slopes Friday night.

The early week forecast was calling for up to 14” of snow on Saturday.  By the time we arrived late Thursday night, the forecast was down to 6” on Saturday.   Unfortunately, the weatherman got it right.  On Saturday, we woke up to dumping snow.  Unfortunately, we were wiped out from the week and had couple things to do in the condo. 

We went out after lunch and took a run down to ballhooter.  The snow felt terrible – it was really warm and it felt like spring skiing – mash potatoes.  On the lift ride back to the top, it started raining so we decided not to risk it and called it a day.  We headed in and decided to go for a long walk.  Of course, by the time we made it back to the village we were hungry so we stopped for some ice cream and hoped Sunday was going to be better.

And were we lucky.  We woke up to Snow falling out of the sky and managed to get out on the slopes kind of early.   We took a few runs and the snow was so much better than Saturday.  Kim’s skis didn’t feel great so we stopped after a few runs and she had The Mountain Adventure Center put a fresh coat of wax on them.  Apparently the factory isn’t that great.

While the skis were getting their new wax, we headed over to Starbucks and shared a coffee.  We had a nice conversation with a Mom and daughter before heading back out.

Kim was super excited about the new wax and really started enjoying her new skis.  We took a few runs at Snowshoe and decided to head to Silvercreek for the afternoon.   And we are so happy we did.  There was a couple inches of new snow and zero crowds.   I don’t know how many runs we made, but the snow was great, fast and fluffy.  

Take a few minutes to enjoy what Snowshoe and Silvercreek have to offer when the conditions are right. Unfortunately, I had to be back in Charlotte for work on Monday so we called it a day and took the bus back to the condo.  I did a quick pack job and hit the road and we are already looking forward to our next trip to Snowshoe on the 18th.

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