2012 Brushy Mountain Training Ride 5

Originally posted 4/4/12   

Andy and I made it up to Brushy Mountain yesterday.  It was my 5th time to Brushy this season.  It’s always fun to start the season of with a bunch of trips to Brushy to get into shape.  I set a PR on the last trip and this weeks trip was just a steady state ride, especially with a VO2 test on Friday and the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek on Saturday.

The weather was perfect.  Not a cloud in the sky and temps around 65.  The views at the top were as clear as I have seen them and we saw Mark P and Ken P on their way up as we were finishing.  Good times!

What’s cool is looking at my Garmin Download.  I did the backside of Brushy in 27:35 and my average HR was 149.  To put that into perspective, my first time up Brushy this year, I kept my HR at 150 and it took me 30 minutes!  That’s a pretty big improvement.  Thanks to Cool Breeze Coaching for getting me into shape!

I’m looking forward to crushing a few laps at Warrior Creek this weekend with my teammate Layla.  We have 10 team members heading up to Warrior Creek this weekend and have prime real estate reserved for our team.  Come up to Wilkesboro and say hang out and root us on if you can.

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